Comparing Agile Scaling Frameworks

Who We Are


We're experienced Agile coaches who work frequently with enterprise clients.   We saw a need for a way to objectively compare the different frameworks available for scaling Agile in multiple teams.    Or perhaps you should "descale".  While the material is copyrighted, you are free to use it with proper attribution - or to make your own comparison chart based on this model.

What is Our Goal?


We want to provide these 3 things to the community:

  • A populated version of a comparison matrix for the most prevalent Agile scaling frameworks - with an emphasis on objective criteria as much as possible
  • A model that you can use to make your own comparisons
  • A variety of verbatim commentary from authors, industry leaders and others so you can get more into the "opinion" side of comparing frameworks.

Presentations on this work

We presented talks on this effort at:


What Can You Find Here


We have the ASK (Agile Scaling Knowledge) matrix along with supporting material including:

  • Pointers to additional frameworks
  • Statements from authors of the major frameworks
  • Links to other interesting sites